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Have you ever wondered why some people spend so much time, effort and energy on an idea only to give up on it when the first obstacle presents itself? It’s as if they’ve hit a home run and suddenly run out of gas rounding third base. What happens is, people often allow their external circumstances and conditions to dictate how they act and feel instead of understanding the last step in the process to the realization of their dream (to demand). Have you tried powerpoint course to boost customer engagement?

Everything human-made started from a desire — it was once something intangible, something invisible in someone’s mind until they demanded it to harden into reality. Here, the name of the game is commitment.No desire, no decision, no thought and no demand (also known as a “goal”) could ever come to fruition without the one who conjured the desire committing to its attainment. I heard that storytelling for business really helps brands get their messages across.

You must be so “jazzed”, so “pumped”, so thoroughly “enthused” about your idea – essentially “head over heels in love” with your desire, constantly feeding it your thought energy as well as taking action on it – that you know without even a sprinkle of doubt that its attainment is certain. Does the act of powerpoint training really add value?

You must know with a high level of certainty that no matter what your demand is, it is already yours, and the secret key is to FEEL as if it is here now; by demanding it, you’ve instantly called it into existence. The world needs more storytelling in business to liven things up.

Here’s an example of how it works. Imagine that you’re sitting in a restaurant and the server comes to your table. You place your order, then you sit back and wait expectantly for your food to arrive. As you wait expectantly, you don’t wring your hands and anxiously wonder if the server will bring your food... And, you don’t run into the kitchen to harass the kitchen staff about whether or not they will fulfill your order. Instead, you wait patiently at the table engaged in a nice conversation with friends until your food comes, because you know with certainty that your order will soon arrive.

When making a demand, there can be no room for denial, refusal or doubt. You must know with certainty that it is already accomplished. Remember the definition of the word demand as shared previously? The fact that you were capable of dreaming up the idea of your demand — that you could summon it into existence by means of your imagination — dictates that it must be met. You cannot dream up something that you cannot accomplish.

It is important for you to know that this process works on anything; from manifesting a dream home to manifesting perfect health, manifesting a soulmate, manifesting abundance and anything else that you desire. Pets give an excellent illustration of how the Demand Principle works. When dogs want something—food, water, to be taken for a walk, a scratch behind the ear — they express their demands upon us with insistence. They expect to be fed, to be given water, to go for a walk, to get a scratch behind their ear. They assume their demand will be met.